Obtaining a Manufacturer Identification Number
(UCC Company Prefix):

GS1 US (formerly called the Uniform Code Council
Fax 1-937-435-7317

An Introduction to the UCC-12 (UPC)
For more than 30 years, the grocery industry has pioneered the use of the Uniform Product Code on grocery products to speed accurate check out and inventory control. Today, UPC bar codes are used on virtually everything sold at retail.

The size, positioning, and reproduction of UPC bar codes are critical and standards have been developed by the Uniform Code Council. Detailed information is provided when a company prefix is issued.

UCC Company Prefixes (formerly called Manufacturers Numbers) are now issued in lengths ranging from 6 to 10 digits, depending on the likely number of products a manufacturer will bar code. A UPC bar code represents 12 digits: a company prefix followed by an item reference number and a "check digit".
A printable check digit worksheet can be downloaded here.

Manufacturers with 6 digit company prefixes may use 5 digits to identify up to 100,000 products (00000-99999). At the other extreme, manufacturers with 10 digit company prefixes may use 1 digit to identify up to 10 products (0-9).

Obtaining Bar Code Labels and/or Masters
Infinity Graphics provides services to fill all your bar code needs, including peel and stick LABELS and STICKERS for direct application, emailable precision DIGIMASTERS
TM for use on the Macintosh or PC in the digital format you request, plate ready FILMASTERSTM as high resolution film negatives or positives for your printer, or as black and white camera ready REPROMASTERSTM for keylining.

You may place your bar code order by fax, phone, e-mail or mail. Better yet, use our handy electronic Secure UPC Order Form. For your protection, all information submitted via our Secure UPC Order Form is encrypted before leaving the secured server. If you prefer, you may complete the form, print it and fax it to us. Most orders are shipped the day they are received.

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Examples of Commonly Used Forms
of Universal Product Codes

Version A 80%
Truncated 50%
Used where space is limited.
Not recommended
for grocery products.
Version A Supplemental
(Includes 2-digit bipad
and is used on periodicals
Version A

(Approximately 1.5x1")
Version A Supplemental
(Includes 5-digit bipad – used on mass-marketed books)

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