The 12-digit or 13-digit, all-numeric section of the UCC Code identifies:

• a scanned symbol as a coupon

• the issuer of the coupon

• the product(s) families that offer the discount

• the value of the coupon

• a check digit

GS1US (formerly the Uniform Code Council,
7887 Washington Village Drive, Suite 300 Dayton, OH 45459
Phone 1-800-543-8137, Fax 1-937-435-7317

All coupons that have a Universal Product Code (UPC) need to include an additional bar code to be in compliance with the UCC coupon code guidelines from the GS1US.

The UCC coupon code provides an effective way to electronically designate a coupon's redemption value, designate the product(s) in an offer, validate purchase, and track coupon usage. This system works well for these purposes. However, in order to enhance the system, manufacturers, retailers and coupon clearing houses cooperated with the UCC to develop the UCC/EAN-128 coupon extended code.

The coupon extended code is a supplementary bar code that enables the communication of additional information
such as offer codes, expiration dates, and household identification numbers.

Companies which issue coupons have the flexibility to choose the information they want encoded on their coupons using one of five standard coupon extended code formats. The three that can be mass produced are illustrated below.

Format 1

Encodes Manufacturer's Number System Character and 5-digit offer code

Format 2

Encodes Manufacturer's Number System Character, 5-digit offer code, and coupon expiration date

Format 5

Encodes Manufacturer's Number System Character

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